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This paper is offered to provide an extended outline of the variety of consulting work completed by Supply Chain consultants and the concerns they can address. This will allow you to discover Lean Manufacturing difficulties your company might experience and help you identify a consultant who can achieve real procedural solutions.

Supply Chain can be defined as a set of complex and interrelated set of procedures that begins with the original basic raw material and ends up with the finished merchandise. Specialists in Lean Manufacturing have the expertise to analyze the detailed actions and logistics that enable the manufacturer to have the right amount of inventory to generate the best quality merchandise.

Essentially Supply Chain focuses on lowering costs by reducing inventory as much as possible, optimizing manufacture and speeding up delivery while at the same time attempting to improve the quality of the final products. Success is dependent on their ability to boost the functioning and productivity of the plant. Supply Chain specialists start by focusing on your important suppliers and begin to improve your overall communications and so begin to enhance your firm’s process improvement procedures. To achieve this, some of the powerful processes employed might be Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, TQM (Total Quality Management) and ‘Just in Time’ Manufacturing. Frequently Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software may be utilized to manage all the information and functions of a company using shared data systems. Supply Chain Advisors

A supply chain is a network that includes vendors of raw goods, manufacturing plants that convert those materials into functional products, and distribution centers to get those products to customers. Having an efficient and low cost production facility is critical and companies need to achieve economies of scale in the fabrication operations throughout the supply chain. A company’s supply chain is often one of the best ways to generate dramatic growth. Managing your supply chain is a complex challenge because of the continuously evolving demands of shorter product cycles, industry consolidation and the need to take advantage of emerging technologies.

To solve issues your own company may be experiencing with Lean Manufacturing problems, you will need to find a consultant with the right background to exactly match your requirements. For example, small boutique consulting firms will have the required breadth of skills and abilities to help small businesses in all areas of Supply Chain Analysis.They will have Lean consultants who will be able to give you expert direction in the manufacture, delivery, and sale of products to the final consumer.

Every organization, no matter how large, will rely on help from outside sources to generate major improvements in its Lean Manufacturing processes. By using an expert consulting company, you gain the advantage of their background using the latest practices built up over years of sound experience. They will be able to offer excellent value in whatever assistance you need in the fields of logistics planning, operations development, organizational improvements or restructuring your distribution center. The results of their work can be quantifiably calculated using specific criteria such as greater productivity leading to an ultimate increase in revenue. In other


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